After many years of Experience with selecting the best varieties and tough quality control in production levels, Our mango is famous by its fascinating flavor, smell, and taste. It’s Richey with all needed vitamins for a healthy body. we offer to export our varieties of Egyptian mango with the best quality, wonderful taste, on-time delivery and longer shelf-time.

Cultivation of Egyptian mango:

Mangoes grow in areas where the humidity is highest, like coastal areas such as Delta Nile. They grow best in tropical regions. In Egypt, the governorate of Ismailia is the main mango-growing area. The soil and climate of Ismailia are especially favorable to the cultivation of Egyptian mango.


  • HS Code: 080450
  • Product: Egyptian Fresh Mango
  • Variety: Tymor, Awees, Indian, AlFons, Zebdia, Sukarya, Keitt, Senara, Zebdya, Mabrouka, Sideeka and Fagr Kelan
  • Sizes: Medium Sizes 7~8 Piece per 1 KG
  • Packaging:
    5 Kg Standard Carton.
    2.50 Kg Carton Open top
  • Brand name: Egy taste
  • Availability: July till November
  • port: Alex – Port Said
  • Shipping: Air Shipment & Sea Shipment.