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Eggplant Info Egyptian Eggplant for export. We offer to export the highest quality of Egyptian Eggplant at the most reasonable and competitive price. an Eggplant is dark purple, glossy, and shaped like a very large teardrop. Eggplants are known as Aubergines in other parts of the world. There are many eggplant varieties. One eggplant type is small, […]
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Olives Info Fresh Olives -From the fresh producer and Exporter- Fruit Link There are many olives varieties in Egypt. The fruits can be harvested green (Unripe) or fully ripened to black, or any stage in between. The key to olives’ flavor, color and texture is the moment of harvesting. Olives should be processed before eating. […]
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Artichoks Info An impressive-looking green-purple globe-shaped vegetable covered in layers of leaves, that is actually an edible type of thistle. Globe artichokes require a little effort in preparation and cooking, however the results are well worth it and they are often considered to be a luxury. A hairy choke is surrounded by the inner leaves […]
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Okra Info HS Code: 07108093 Product: Egyptian Okra Variety: Long okra (Baladi & Indian). Sizes: 5 ~ 9 CM Packaging: 3 Kg Carton – Bulk pack Availability: Around year Shipping: Air Shipment.
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Hot Chili

Hot Chili Info With their attractive brightly coloured, smooth, shiny skins, chillies range from mildly hot to scorchingly fiery. Red and green chillies are widely available although yellow and orange varieties can also be bought. They come in a range of different varieties and shapes, ranging from long and slender to round and bulbous. Popular […]
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Celery Info HS Code: 070700Product: Egyptian CeleryVariety: Dark Green.Sizes: Length 5 ~ 10 CMPackaging: 5 Kg Carton – Bulk packAvailability: Around yearShipping: Air Shipment.
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Broccoli Info Also known as calabrese (it is originally from the Calabria region of Italy) broccoli with its tiny bright green buds, is one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. Along with cauliflower and cabbage it is a member of the brassica family. Look for bright green flower heads with firm stalks; avoid […]
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Green Beans

Green Beans Info HS Code: 070820Product: Egyptian Green BeansVariety: Hama, Polysta, Valantino, Fine BeansSizes: Length 5 ~ 10 CMPackaging: 5 KG Carton (Bulk) “loose”200 Gm x 25 bags = 5 Kg N.W250 Gm x 20 bags = 5 Kg N.W500 Gm x  10 Bags = 5 Kg N.WAvailability: October till JulyShipping: Air Shipment.
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Snow Peas “Mangetout”​

Snow Peas Info HS Code: 070810   Brief About; Snow peas is famous name “Mangetout” It’s a French name, which means ‘eat everything’ and known also as the snow or sugar pea.shape is a flat-podded variety of pea, the taste is very sweet Crispy Which eaten whole while the peas inside are very small  , also they […]
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Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Info Product: Egyptian Sweet Potatoes Class: First class A Kind: Egyptian sweet Potatoes (Baladi). Flesh Color: White flesh, (Red) Orange flesh. Size: 300 gm ~ 600 gm. Packing available:  or according to client request. 5 KG /CARTON (BY AIR ) 6 KG  / CRTN (3400 CRTN / 40”FT Container) 10 KG mash BAGS (25ton IN CONTAINER ) Quality standard: product meets […]
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